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The only game that allows women to have a blast, deepen connections with friends, and talk sh*t about their exes.

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The best therapy your money can buy!

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The Best Therapy Your Money Can Buy

Ladies First, a tell-all card game, gives you the ultimate opportunity to hear and share experiences—and expertise—on dating. You will be amused by your friends’ recollections, dirty little secrets, and a side of them you had no idea existed...

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"I absolutely love this game! We had so many laughs and really got to know each other a lot.I purchased for our next girls night out with my friends. They are going to love it!"

- Kelly M.


How do I Play Ladies First Game?
It's time to have some fun with friends. Ladies First Game is all about talking over laughs and making meaningful connections along the way! Ladies First Game can be much fun with your friends or just you! Reflecting or having meaningful conversations should create great stories for those who play. The person who starts as the cardholder will answer the question. However, other players are expected to try their best to answer too because they relate, or there will be an opportunity for them to argue about something related, which makes this even more exciting. For more details, please, refer to the "How do I Score Points" section.

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What are the Basic Rules of Ladies First Game?
The person holding the card reads questions and answers aloud unless otherwise stated - but others are expected to try answering as well because they relate to what happened in their life/the experience behind why something exists (or perhaps even debate specific subjects). And most importantly: Have A Great Time!

● Set the cards on a flat surface.
● Grab your favorite gadget or a piece of paper to keep track of the scores.
● Get your minds and hearts ready
● The player voted for having the best argument of "Why Should I Go First" starts the game.
● Pick a card, read the question out loud-unless stated otherwise, and answer the question.You can only skip your turn if another player volunteers to respond in your place.Otherwise, you will lose extra points.
● You can play this game to have a great time with your friends by selecting a card and answering the questions, or you can play it to WIN. For example, not answering the card and picking another one after a fellow player answers in your place will make you lose 25 points. Please, refer to the "How do I score Points" section for more details on how to win this game beyond winning for simply having so much fun!

Download the rules
How do I score points Playing Ladies First Game?
● LADIES FIRST GAME GOSSIP GIRL CARD: The players that pick and use the GossipGirl Card score 25 points. These cards can't be answered by others. Failing to respond to them and placing them back on the deck will make you lose 50 points.
● LADIES FIRST GAME TROUBLEMAKER CARD: The players that pick and use theTroublemaker Card score 25 points. These cards can't be answered by others. Failing to respond to them and placing them back on the deck will make you lose 50 points.
● LOYAL: The players that use the card to save a friend from answering a question will score 25 points.
● SAVIOR: Players can score 25 points by volunteering to answer in place of the cardholder. That if the cardholder does not wish to respond.
● RESERVED: Cardholders who do not answer the question and pick another card after a fellow player answers in their place will lose 25 points. Cardholders who do not answer a question and pick another card after no other players have volunteered to respond to the question in place of the cardholder will lose 50 points.
● STEAL: Suppose the cardholder answers the question, but another player believes it has abetter story than the cardholder. In that case, if other players agree, the fellow player scores 25 points for sharing a more compelling story, but the majority decides. Suppose the cardholder chooses not to answer the question. In that case, the fellow player scores25 points for volunteering to answer in place of the cardholder. If other players choose to respond to the same card/question, only the first player to volunteer or the player selected by the cardholder will get 25 points for volunteering. So, volunteering can give players a chance to score 25 for volunteering + 25 points if their story is the best for that card/question. Volunteering to answer a question that was responded to by the cardholder can give you a chance to score 25 points only if your story is voted the best one.
● REACTION: Players can score 50 points if they make all other players share the same response to the answer: i.e., laughing, shocked, or surprised. Before the next player goes, all players should vote if the player made a complete impression and deserve 50 points, 25 points, or no points for the reactions.
● STORY: The player voted for having the best story "thus far" gets 100 extra points.
● SYMPATHY: The player voted for having the most disappointing experience/story gets 100 points.
● STORYTELLER: The player voted for having the best story overall at the end of the game gets 150 points.

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What's the Best Way to Play Ladies First Game?
What's not to love about Ladies First Game? It is a product designed for and played by women only, but their guy friends often want in on the action. To make room for all of these willing participants, other segments of the game are expected to fit both gender needs! Group games are always fun when you have friends to play with, ladies or gentlemen!

Ladies First Game can be played just for fun, by cardholders reading and answering the questions or scoring points. Please, refer to the "How do I score Points" section.
How Do You Win Ladies' First Game?
The player with the most points at the end of the game should be declared the winner
Why should I Play Ladies First Game?
This game is perfect if you enjoy spending time with friends and like sharing life experiences!Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and Millennials. If you want to share life experiences with like-minded individuals, Ladies First Game might have something for you! You should play thisLadies First Game if you enjoy having a good time with friends and having quality one-on-one conversations while understanding each other better. If socializing is your thing, look no further than Ladies First Game!
How many Players are necessary to Play Ladies First Game?
I always enjoy playing this game with my friends. You can play Ladies First Game with two players, but it's much more fun when there are more than three or four of us! There have been groups of 12 players or more players as well.
Is Ladies First Game Only for Women?
Ladies First Game was created with women in mind. Women of all ages and backgrounds have played Ladies First Game. The game is for women of all ages with much experience who are proud to share what they have lived. Male homosexuals and drag queens show interest in the same as well! The best part: everyone who wants in on our fun gets an opportunity because we want no one left out here. Segments to fit all are in the scope. Sign up for our website and stay tuned!
Where Can I Purchase Ladies First Game?
Ladies First Game is available online on Amazon and Etsy at Coco Brazil Marketplace in Miami, FL, or Islamorada Souvenirs in Islamorada, FL.
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More Than Just a Game

Ladies First is the perfect card game for women wanting to have fun and talk more about dating and relationships.

Ladies First is packed with fascinating and challenging questions and plenty of laughs. The game is designed to be played by two or more people and includes topics like dating and sex. It provides an entertaining way for women to discuss important relationship issues with their friends and loved ones.

Plus, the Ladies First Card Game comes in a stylish carrying case that makes it easy to take on the go.  So put on your thinking cap and get ready to have fun!


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