Ladies First

A Card Game

The only game that allows women to have a blast, deepen connections with friends, and talk sh*t about their exes.

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Making Gossip More Fun

Ladies First, a tell-all card game, gives you the ultimate opportunity to hear and share experiences—and expertise—on dating. You will be amused by your friends’ recollections, dirty little secrets, and a side of them you had no idea existed...

How It Works

Ladies First is packed with fascinating and challenging questions and plenty of laughs. The game is designed to be played by two or more people and includes topics like dating and sex. It provides an entertaining way for women to discuss important relationship issues with their friends and loved ones.

Plus, the Ladies First Card Game comes in a stylish carrying case that makes it easy to take on the go. So put on your thinking cap and get ready to have fun!

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share a dirty secret card
Me and my girlfriends played this game over brunch and the wait staff had to kindly tell us to pipe down because we were laughing so loud.

It's a fun game that makes you reveal some of your darkest little secrets, but when everyone starts sharing, fun is had by all.

- Reyes



"I absolutely love this game! We had so many laughs and really got to know each other a lot.I purchased for our next girls night out with my friends. They are going to love it!"

- Kelly Murray

"My girlfriends and I like to occasionally have get-togethers. I bought this game and we had a blast! The open-ended prompts were great at bringing up all kinds of crazy, funny, and eye-opening stories. There are plenty of cards and so much to discuss!"

- Lissette

“We played this game at a ‘divorce party’ and let me tell you it was super fun, me and my friends had a great time answering the witty and sassy questions.What happens at ladies first game party stays at the party.”

- P. T.
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