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Hi, I'm Nanda!

Nanda Klein is an Award Winning Writer and Entrepreneur.

Ladies First Game was unpretentiously born during an attempt to lighten up the mood of a divorce party she had been invited to. After being appointed party planner by her friends in a run club, she felt the responsibility to bring some joy to a party that had in; its core, the false celebration of what, in truth, was a painful new beginning.

As part of her plan to help out a friend in need and to bring joy to her and all the party guests, Nanda purchased a game and agreed with the host that she would arrive before all guests so they could talk about her friend's feelings. Once everyone was there, it would be party time!

Nevertheless, in her curiosity, when Nanda opened the well-rated card game to review the questions, to her surprise, she was highly disappointed at the game's boredom and lack of purpose. Sitting at her desk, she saw a correction fluid in the corner of her eye. Without hesitation, Nanda began to erase the questions on the card and develop her own. Inspired by the party's theme, she began to write down inquiries related to romantic relationships, allowing the guests to hear stories and experiences.

To her amazement, the game was a hit! There was joy, laughter, and plenty of stories being shared. Surprisingly, even the most prude ladies at the party had some spicy stories to share.

Despite noticing that what she had created was good, Nanda didn't consider moving forward with the idea. One of her friends, however, suggested during the game that she needed to develop her own card game. Several other players agreed.

Nanda left the party feeling delighted by her experience playing the game. After being married for thirteen years, it was fun to recollect past experiences. To a certain extent, a side of her she didn't even remember existed yet was still part of her and who she was. Nanda wanted to provide that feeling for several other women regardless of marital status or age limitation. Her friends at the party were from their thirties to their fifties. They were equally having fun.

After an invitation from Bay Path University, the university where she is a student of Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction, to submit the prototype of her product idea, Nanda won received the 2022 Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Concept Award recognizing Nanda's spirit, creativity, and curiosity.

The company also won first place in The Women in Business Club Pitch Event hosted by Bay Path University for the creation of the Ladies First Card Game.

After the product launch and the opportunity to play with ladies that  Nanda met throughout the path of Ladies First Game, she also realized that the concept of the game, which goes beyond providing entertainment, was serving its purpose: creating a safe environment for women to hear and share experiences that otherwise, they wouldn't have the courage to.

"There are so many women out there who have experienced uncomfortable experiences––to say the least, which are very hard to talk about because they create feelings of guilt, shame, and fear of judgment—the same feelings in all of us, and when we realize we are not the only ones, a sense of community is created, initiating the process of healing." ––Nanda Klein

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About Nanda

Creator and owner of the brand Ladies First by Nanda Klein, the company was established in 2021 by Nanda Klein, an entrepreneur, model, and writer.

The company won first place in The Women in Business Club Pitch Event hosted by Bay Path University for the creation of Ladies First, A Tell-All Card Game.

Nanda Klein Enterprises LLC has also received the 2022 Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Concept Award in recognition of Nanda’s spirit, creativity, and curiosity.

Recently, Nanda Klein was awarded first place in Bay Path's University Theme Essay Contest for the Graduate Program.

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“Me and my girlfriends played this game over brunch and the wait staff had to kindly tell us to pipe down because we were laughing so loud. It's a fun game that makes you reveal some of your darkest little secrets, but when everyone starts sharing, fun is had by all. Pro tip: play with the friends that aren't blabbermouths. LOL”

- Reyes


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