Nanda Makes to the International News After Winning Second Consecutive Award

June 2023

Nanda's Former University Publishes Article on Her Most Recent Essay Contest Winning.

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Nanda Klein has recently been featured in Vogue Magazine

May 2023

Klein accidentally found out about the publication when using her smartphone to Google herself to copy the link to one of her Social Media profiles. One of life's pleasant surprises.

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Nanda Klein attends  the University of Miami Canes Film Festival

April 2023

Nanda Klein and Film Director Pu Sun at the showing of Mad World.

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"Brown Liquor" by Robin Thicke ft. Yo Gotti is out!

April 2023

Watch Nanda Klein in this Official Music Video!

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"Lightning strikes twice! Nanda Klein's essay was selected as the first-place winner for the 2023 Bay Path University Campus Theme Essay Contest for the Graduate Program." ––Brenda Hardin

April 2023

"Nanda!! Congratulations… for the second time! You are the first MFA student to win twice! So happy for you." –– Leanna James Blackwell

Watch the highlights of Nanda Klein at the award ceremony:

To watch the full video of the 18th Annual Marcia H. Conrad Awards Ceremony or to find more about Nanda, please visit

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Nanda Klein's Latest Music Video Project with Rapper Armani White is now available on Vevo.

January 2023

Nanda Klein participates in filming the music video "Goated." Watch the music video on Youtube. Find the photo gallery at

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nanda klein on poster

Nanda Klein wins her category during a Model Competition Leading to New York City Fashion Week.

February 2023

Nanda Klein is picked among the judges and the public to be the winner of her Modeling Category. As a consequence, she will be featuring national and international fashion brands during New York City Fashion Week.

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epic sages podcast cover

Late-night classroom 3-4: How do YOU make real life intertwine with the games you play?

November 2022

Nanda Klein takes the opportunity to dive in in the gamers world and shocks one of the hosts by sharing how women tend to play roles that are not healthy for them.

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Nanda Klein shoots a project with Robin Thicke.

October 2022

Nanda films project at a bar with Robin Thicke in Little Havana.

nanda klein most posing

The Best Therapy Your Money Can Buy! - Nanda Klein

October 2022

During this interview to Go Solo, Nanda Klein gives tips to fellow entrepreneurs, and shares her biggest accomplishment as a business owner.

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"It is my honor to announce Nanda Klein as the winner of the Bay Path University 2022 Essay Theme Contest in the Graduate Student Division." ––Lauren Mas

May 2022

I invite you to listen to Nanda reading her essay titled "Motherhood: Reinventing Myself as a Woman."

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